The persimmon, a fruit for the connoisseur, not only has incredible flavour but is also beautiful to look at.

Diospyros Kaki is the botanical name for persimmon and diospyros literally translates to ‘food of the gods ’in Greek. Once tasted its not hard to imagine the gods dining on this exquisite fruit. Kaki is a common term used by many cultures for persimmon.

Did you know there are two different types of persimmons, both with very different qualities and characteristics?

It is the versatility that comes with two very different types of persimmon that make this fruit so uniquely special. The two types are:

1. Those that must be very soft before they are ready for eating – known as ‘astringent’ persimmons. Our 'astringent' (eat soft) persimmon variety is Hachiya.
2. Those that can be eaten when the flesh is still hard – known as ‘non-astringent’ persimmons. Our 'non astringent' persimmon variety is Fuyu.


A common mistake is to eat the 'astringent' Hachiya persimmon before it is ready which can be an unpleasant experience. If this has been yours please give this amazing fruit another chance and enjoy the delight of the true taste. Although waiting for the Hachiya to ripen into its edible state can be agonising it is definitely worth it. Hachiya are ready when the skin becomes transparent and they feel like jelly.


The 'non-astringent' Fuyu are best eaten firm but can also be eaten soft. They have the crispness of an apple with the texture of a pear but with a delightful sweetness that surpasses both. 


Australian Dried Persimmons are a delicious on the go healthy snack. Kathleen Haven dried persimmons are 100% natural just pure fruit.
Hachiya are selected, sliced and dried on racks then vacuum sealed to maintain its freshness. 

Handy tips:

Utilise the beauty of the Hachiya persimmon by making a decorative display while waiting to ripen!

The softening process of Hachiya can be sped up by placing in a paper bag with apples. Recommended weight ratio is 1:10 i.e 100g apples to 1 kg persimmons.

Sliced horizontally, the Fuyu reveals a beautiful star-shaped marking!

The colour and unique flavour of persimmons are perfect for jazzing up a salad.

The natural sweetness of persimmons matches well with zestry dressings and is a fabulous substitute for the 'sweet' in asian style recipes.